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Insulators Local 6

About Insulators Local 6

Insulators Local 6 represents specialists in mechanical insulation, firestopping, and hazardous waste remediation. Our members receive world-class training in a DOL certified 4-year apprenticeship program while earning industry-leading wages and benefits. For more than 100 years, we’ve set the bar for certification and professional standards across the industry, delivering the highest-quality results on-time and under-budget. Through the Mechanical Insulation Solutions Network, our members and contractor partners help end users save money, reduce energy consumption, and avoid costly future repairs.

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We provide the highest level of training so that apprentices become fully qualified to work and succeed in the insulation industry.

Mechanical Insulation Solutions Network

Our professional contractors get the job done right, on-time and on-budget.

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1. Mechanical insulation saves money
Insulating your mechanical equipment is cost-efficient. Your return on investment starts immediately after installation.

2. Mechanical insulation reduces energy consumption
Maximizing the effectiveness of heating and cooling systems helps to significantly reduce energy loss. Reduced energy loss means increased efficiency.

3. Mechanical insulation is better for the environment
Properly installed insulation protects the environment. Go green by minimizing your waste and reducing green house gas emissions.

4. Mechanical insulation creates a healthier workplace
Mechanical insulation improves indoor air quality, protecting the well-being of employees and ensuring a better work environment.

5. Mechanical insulation protects against black mold and condensation Protecting your heating and cooling systems from mold and condensation is a wise investment. This ensures the long-term protection of your mechanical equipment.

6. Mechanical insulation ensures the best-trained professionals are on the job
By using the Mechanical Insulation Solutions Network you get the best-trained contractors and employees. This ensures the work is done right from the start, avoiding costly future mediations.

HFIAW Supports Equal Environments

“The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers takes all accusations of harassment seriously and will do everything to maintain an equal environment for our members and contractors.The Insulators Union will not allow individuals to write racist or intolerant comments on our social channels. As a result, if your comments do not comply, we reserve the right to delete the comment and ban individual accounts from our public pages.” – General President James McCourt

“In response to questions received this weekend, I can confirm that the Insulation Industry International Apprenticeship and Training Fund has not employed Dan Smith since 2014.” – IIIATF Administrator Tom Haun