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This Labor Day, we celebrate our members and honor the hard-working men and women who have come before us, who paved the way for our rights and freedoms.


This year has marked significant progress for the labor movement — and has also highlighted the work still needing to be done. We won an important victory in New Hampshire, beating back the anti-worker “Right to Work” bill. We also lost AFL-CIO President and labor titan Richard Trumka earlier this summer.

To honor President Trumka’s legacy, we must fight to pass the PRO Act he fought so hard to pass. As Trumka said in an interview to NPR, “If you really want to correct inequality in this country — wages and wealth inequality, opportunity and inequality of power — passing the PRO Act is absolutely essential to doing that.”

The PRO Act would grant working people significant protections, strengthening our collective bargaining rights, and protect our ability to organize no matter the industry. I urge you all to contact your representative and tell them to pass the PRO Act before it’s too late.

Thank you again for all of the hard work that you do!