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Major Victory for Labor – President Biden Orders Historic Mandate Requiring PLAs on Federal Construction


Brothers and Sisters,

President Biden signed a historic Executive Order that will mandate Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) on all federal construction projects valued above $35 million— creating good, union jobs for an estimated 200,000 construction workers across the country. 

PLAs are our best tool for guaranteeing that complex construction projects get executed with the highest possible standards of safety and efficiency. They also guarantee that the working people who build these projects reap the benefits of the development, by requiring all contractors bidding on the projects to meet union standards of training, wages, benefits, safety and working conditions. Therefore, PLAs help strengthen unions by evening the playing field competitively with our nonunion counterparts, who may otherwise underbid us by paying workers less or otherwise.

Local 6 is excited to see the Biden administration take an important step towards rebuilding our country’s infrastructure in a way that prioritizes and provides opportunities for working American families.


Jim Lister

Business Manager/Financial Secretary
Insulators Local 6