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Brothers and sisters,

Insulators Local 6 is thrilled to congratulate the Starbucks employees at two stores in Buffalo, New York, who, despite tireless union-busting efforts by the goliath corporation, recently formed the first-ever workers union at a corporately-owned Starbucks store.

The union continues to overcome adversity from Starbucks as it begins contract bargaining negotiations. Local 6 stands in solidarity with these workers, as well as hundreds of other Starbucks employees nationwide who were inspired to begin their own organizing campaigns.

Throughout the pandemic, Starbucks workers felt that their health and security were at risk from the company’s lack of safety enforcement. They organized to get a seat at the table and to have their voices heard in policymaking surrounding their jobs. Insulators Local 6 knows firsthand that there is strength and resilience in numbers and we support the right of Starbucks workers to unionize for a safe workplace.

Click here to listen to lead organizer Michelle Eisen discuss the historic organizing victory on the NY AFL-CIO’s¬†Union Strong¬†Podcast!

In Solidarity,

Jim Lister
Business Manager/Financial Secretary