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Supporting Advancements Toward Clean Energy for Massachusetts 

Brothers and Sisters,

Local 6 is proud to support legislation and initiatives that protect our environment and help shape a brighter future for our communities. To this extent, I am pleased to share that legislation has been introduced in Massachusetts to bring us closer to a carbon-free environment.

Our work plays a large part in energy sustainability, and it is important to recognize how Mechanical Insulation can help reduce carbon emissions. I recently provided the following explanation about its critical role:

“Mechanical Insulation is an effective way to reduce the carbon footprint of a building. It helps reduce the need for heating and cooling by preventing heat loss or gain and reducing energy consumption. Using Mechanical Insulation also reduces fossil fuel consumption, which can further reduce the carbon footprint of a building. By properly installing Mechanical Insulation to a mechanical system, the heating and cooling systems can run at optimal efficiency, reducing energy costs and reducing emissions associated with the operation and use of these systems. It will also assist the mechanical system in living out its life expectancy.”

Three recently introduced bills, An Act Relative to Healthy and Sustainable Schools, An Act Relative to Clean Energy Workforce Standards and Accountability, and An Act Relative to a Just Transition to Clean Energy, aim to help Massachusetts reduce its emissions. By requiring energy audits for K-12 schools, community colleges, and universities, ensuring green jobs earn fair wages, and establishing infrastructure for these changes to advance, these acts will lead to a more sustainable commonwealth.

Please join us as we call on our legislators to lay the groundwork for a greener future in Massachusetts. 

In solidarity,

Jeffrey Saliba
Business Manager/Financial Secretary