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Members hard at work in Boston's Seaport District

Check out photos from the 391 Congress St. job site

Brothers and Sisters,
Local 6 is proud to recognize the outstanding work of our members and the positive impact they’ve made on our neighborhoods. I am pleased to share a few photos of members at work on a job site in South Boston. Proper insulation is critical to the life and efficiency of a building, and our members can take great pride in knowing that their hard work will play a major role in the ongoing redevelopment of the Seaport Square area.
These members are currently installing PVC at 391 Congress St., an area known for its historic warehouse buildings and recent renovations that characterize the adjacent Fort Point Channel Landmark District. Check out a few photos from the project site below: 
For more photos of Local 6 members in action, check out the gallery
Congratulations to these members for their great work at the project site. Stay tuned to see the completed project!
In solidarity,
Jeffrey Saliba
Business Manager/Financial Secretary