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About Local 6

Insulators Local 6 represents specialists in mechanical insulation, firestopping, and hazardous waste remediation. Our members receive world-class training, DOL certification, and industry-leading wages and benefits. For more than 100 years, we’ve set the bar for certification and professional standards across the industry, delivering excellent results, on-time and on-budget.

Through the Mechanical Insulation Solutions Network, our members and contractor partners help end users save money, reduce energy consumption, and avoid costly future mediations.

We’re proud to be the leading choice of colleges, hospitals, municipalities, biotechnology companies, commercial and residential developers, and more across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, parts of Vermont and parts of Connecticut.


James Lister

Business Manager / Financial Secretary

Jeffrey Saliba

Business Agent

Wayne Ortiz


Thomas Wall


Executive Board

Scott Conway

Spencer McCourt

Chuck Rogers

Stephen Sargent

Paul Shore


Sgt At Arms

Ernie Rogers


Union Trustee

Ryan Christensen

Scott Conway

Jack Lister

Ernie Rogers

Stephen Sargent

Paul Shore

Pens & H&W Trustee 

Francis C Boudrow 

James Lister

Jeffrey Saliba


Building Committee

Jack Lister

Rick “Dude” Rothwell

Steve Sargent

Paul Shore

Kevin Sullivan

Mike Young

Annuity Fund Trustees 
John De Marco

Michael O’toole

Tom Wall


Recording Secretary

Donald Brennan


Help A Brother

Dan Kirwin

Stephen Sargent

Kevin Sullivan


Scholarship Fund

Rocky Brooks

Marc Young

Ed Zani


The first attempt to form a national bond between insulators came in 1900, when the Salamander Association of New York (which took its name from the reptile that according to legend had a skin that was impervious to fire) sent out an appeal to related crafts in other cities to form a “National Organization of Pipe and Boiler Covers.” The initial appeal did spark interest, leading to more decisive action two years later.

The Pipe Coverers Union of St. Louis affiliated with the National Building Trades Council of America, and invited other pipe coverer unions and related trades to join with them in pursuit of:

Better working conditions • Pay commensurate with their skills • Strength that comes from unity.

Seven local unions from around the nation responded favorably, and the hard work of laying the foundation for an international union was begun.

The interested locals met for their first convention on July 7, 1903 in St. Louis. The inaugural convention resulted in the drafting and approval of a constitution, the adoption of bylaws, the election of the first president (Thomas Kennedy of Chicago). In addition, a formal name was chosen — The National Association of Heat, Frost and General Insulators and Asbestos Workers of America.

On September 2nd of that year, the American Federation of Labor issued an official charter, designating the Asbestos Workers as a national union.

In October 1904, a Constitution was adopted and Local Union numbers were issued; Boston received Local 6, comprised of the charter members:

• Emil F. Anderson

• John Fisher

• Edward Gadda

• John Larson

• John Lyons

• Abram Olson

• Oscar Palm

• Henry Roberts

• Charles Uhr

Local 6 has had many members of our local become officers of the International Association. Charles Uhr, Peter Mortimer, Abram Fisher, Ernest Johnson, John Huff, and Robert Deady all were past officers. The present General President James “Bud” McCourt is a member of Local 6.

Over the years Local 6 has fought for better working conditions, better benefits, and better wages. We have established funds to help with medical expenses, training building, vacations, and retirement. We work to make our members lives richer, fuller, and more rewarding.

Local 6 will continue to meet the needs of its members and we will push for better wages and safer working conditions.